Product Information

The Product Information section contains descriptive pages of key selected PP products which visitors may save and print as required. The Product Information group of PDFs is expanding over time as our PP product portfoiio adds new grades.

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Moplen RP346R | Product Information Moplen RP346R is a medium melt-flow PP random copolymer with a good stiffness/impact balance and superior aesthetic qualities for houseware applications. Moplen RP346R PP RACO... read more
Hostalen PP H2483 | Product Information Hostalen PP H2483 is a PP block copolymer classified as PP-HM (High Modulus) according to EN 1852-1 used in the production of solid wall pipes and structured double wall pipes for... read more
Adsyl6089 | Product Information Adsyl6089 – Very Low SIT Terpolymer for POF Applications The Product Design: Adsyl6089 is a PP terpolymer, with a melt flow rate of 5.5 g/10 min, and with anti-blocking and... read more
Moplen RP6068 | Product Information Developmental grade Moplen RP6068 is a high impact resistance random copolymer PP for extrusion blow molding RP6068 is designed for extrusion blow molding applications which... read more
Purell RP271M | Product Information Purell RP271M is the next generation PP random copolymer used by customers in injection moulded and ISBM product applications for the medical market. Purell RP271M offers... read more