Recruiting and retaining talented people through development and recognition is a focus for HMC Polymers. People who are ready to accept new challenges are key to a successful business, especially in the dynamic markets in which we operate.

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To view the current HMC position vacancies and make an application, please click the HMC Polymers' Careers button below.

Careers at HMC Polymers

At HMC Polymers we strive to be a leader in our field. This requires excellent people who are dedicated and motivated to achieving our vision. We value cultural and gender diversity. It provides a catalyst for innovative and creative thinking which ultimately offers solutions that deliver value to our customers.

It is our policy to invest in professional development programs that provide our employees with opportunities to build their skills and gain the valuable experience they need to excel.

HMC Polymers wants all employees to have the ability to operate at a high level whatever their position may be, and be equipped to take on new challenges. To accomplish this, our training programs focus on core and leadership competencies, and cover operational to managerial levels (local and international).

Our employees are offered access to ongoing professional development and training programs, attractive compensation and benefit packages, and a healthy work environment.

Core Competencies
Actions and Achievement
We strive to anticipate issues, opportunities and their potential outcomes. Tasks are commenced on time and followed through to complete the most important activities on or ahead of time.

Planning and Organizing
We organize work including initiating priorities, defining what is important versus urgent and determining resource requirements. This establishes the course of action for those involved to ensure that important projects are completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Decision Making
We encourage employees at all levels to make timely and effective decisions, based on review of relevant information and consultation with others when appropriate. it is important to know when to make a decision and when to defer.

Self-Motivation and Commitment
We assume responsibility for successfully accomplishing work objectives and delivering business results to or beyond expectation setting high personal standards of performance.

Creativity and Continuous Improvement

Creative Thinking
We explore alternatives and respond to challenges with innovative solutions or services, while being open to different and novel solutions to challenges within acceptable boundaries of risk.

Analytical Ability
We interpret, link, and analyze information in order to understand issues or problems and to develop appropriate solutions and improvement actions. We strive to analyze beyond immediate causes to determine root causes and any conceptual issues.

Business Acumen (ability to create value for HMC and our customers)
We ensure that employees understand our company’s business, how their jobs relate to it and empower them to identify opportunities to create or capture value.

Adaptability and Agility
We encourage the adoption of new approaches and methods. This helps to maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in project tasks or work environment so employees can adjust quickly and effectively to operating within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures.

Teamwork and Trust

Teamwork and Collaboration
We work collaboratively with each other, customers, contractors and stakeholders to achieve common goals and positive results. That means employees actively participating as a member of a team working together toward the successful completion of goals.

We convey needed information to all interested parties, clearly, effectively and in a timely way. We take responsibility for seeking to understand the point of view of colleagues and all related information provided.

Building Trust
We interact with others in a way that gives them confidence in our intentions and commitment. We support others and share knowledge and information appropriately.

Accountability and Ownership
We take ownership and responsibility for our individual actions and decisions including an openness to enable critical learning from decisions where results may have been less than optimal.