New HMC Leadership Team

HMC Polymers names an experienced team to serve diverse markets for Specialty PP products from the forthcoming new production line.

HMC is pleased to announce several senior appointments to our Leadership Team which will boost our operational expertise and service offering for customers of Specialty Polypropylene (PP) products as PP Line IV comes online in 2022.

The HMC Leadership Team is based in Bangkok for Business Strategy, Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing; and in Rayong for Operations, Plant Management and Construction. The new appointments mark an important step and customer commitment for Specialty PP grades presenting differentiated products for diverse markets.

The PP Line IV, now under construction, will use the latest production technology from joint-venture associate, LyondellBasell, one of the world's largest petrochemical companies.  A key objective of this new production line is to drive our business more sustainability. The new PP Line IV production technology has the least environmental impact compared with current technologies and delivers significant improvements for energy and resource conservation.


Mr. Siridech Kumvongdee

HMC President, Khun Siridech Kumvongdee joined HMC in December 2019. With a Master's Degree of Science (Chemical Engineering) from Washington University (USA), he previously held the position of Executive Vice President, Organization Effectiveness at our joint venture associate company PTTGC.

In addressing customers and partners in early 2020 he said: "Please let me reaffirm to you that HMC will continue our commitment to deliver even more exceptional value to all our stakeholders – customers, employees, communities, and shareholders through expanded differentiated and specialty product offerings. With the forthcoming PP Line IV to be completed in year 2022, HMC will retain our position as the leading and largest polypropylene producer in SE Asia."

To provide an active, positive and respectful corporate environment to enable employees at all levels to expand and enhance our working systems for business growth, people development and environmental improvement.

Mr. Sawangpong Kingsuwanvong
Senior Vice President, PP Plant IV Project

Khun Sawangpong first joined HMC in 1989 and worked with the company until mid 1994. Fortunately for us, he returned in mid 1995 and has been a indispensable leader and production authority across all of our PP and PDH plants with a broad range of production responsibilities over many years. Educated in Mechanical Engineering at Srinakarinwirot University on a full scholarship, he has participated at the highest levels with our Joint Venture Associate LyondellBasell.

That experience includes OE Audits, technical exchanges, test run operations and start-up observation of new plants for Spheripol and Spherizone in locations including Italy, Australia, India and Saudi Arabia. Khun Sawangpong's depth of experience with PP production from LYB technology makes him the obvious choice for his new position as PP Plant IV Project Manager directing the exciting new Spherizone plant currently under construction.

Provide management and leadership for the PP Plant IV Project, to achieve world-class levels of plant safety, reliability, quality, on budget and on schedule. Also, support the existing plants and act as an information resource in matters relating to the ongoing improvement of safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

Mr. Pornchai Pichitwutikorn
Senior Vice President, Business Strategy, Innovation and Commercial

Khun Pornchai is an HMC leader with experience in supply chain management to serve our customers and has been at the forefront of managing change and ensuring a leadership position in PP production expansion, new technology and sustainability initiatives. With an MBA from Thammasat University he had previous positions at National Petrochemicals Corp. and Bangkok Polyethylene Plc. before joining HMC in October of 2004.

Key achievements for Khun Pornchai include leadership roles in corporate initiatives and projects such as: the upstream integration of HMC operations through the PDH project; negotiations with PTT Group to become shareholder of HMC Polymers; the development of the PP Line III project with the then new Spherizone process technology; and recently, the ongoing development of the PP Live IV project to enhance HMC PP specialty capabilities.

To drive innovation development through HMC’s new core behaviors. Next step strategy and planning of HMC business growth for a sustainable future.

Mr. Chookiat Kosintrakarn
Vice President, Business and Supply Chain Management  

Khun Chookiat is a mainstay of the HMC Polymers' leadership team with over 30 years of sales experience and long standing relationships with our valued customers based on loyalty and trust. After graduating with a chemical engineering degree from Chulalongkorn University, he joined HMC in March of 1990 and has been instrumental in the introduction of new high value products and technologies to domestic and international markets and guiding our sales staff to the current leading market share position across the full spectrum of PP grades. Khun Chookiat also received an MBA from Kasetsart University while working with HMC.

While Khun Chookiat makes the transition from Vice President, Sales and Innovation to his new position of Vice President, Business and Supply Chain Management, service and response to the customer remain his primary focus. Along with all HMC colleagues he is excited at the opportunities for specialty grades and new product capabilities that the new PP Plant IV will offer to HMC customers.

To develop and mentor staff and create an innovative business system maximizing growth, efficiency and sustainability, in response to a dynamic market environment.

Ms. Angkanee Soonthornsawad
Vice President, Finance, Accounting and Corporate Support

Khun Angkanee joined HMC in April of 1997 and since then, has been a vital member of the HMC management group holding a number of key positions in accounting and finance management. With an MBA from Eastern Michigan University (USA), she has continued to expand her responsibilities from Accounting Manager (2004) to Department Manager, Finance and Accounting (2011) and for the last 7 years, Vice President, Finance, Accounting and Corporate Support.

Some of Khun Angkanee's major achievements for HMC have included; Syndicate loans of THB 10,000 M and USD 150 M in 2014; the financing arrangement for the PP Plant IV project of THB 7,000 M and USD 95 M in 2019 which is now in the construction phase; and the recent highly successful and fully subscribed Debenture issuance of THB 5,000 M.

As an indispensable part of the Leadership Team, Khun Angkanee will continue in her current oversight and management role of HMC's Finance and Accounting.

Creating positive outcomes to ensure HMC achieves an Investment Grade A rating and driving digital transformation.

Mr. Chatri Phlappla
Vice President, Operational Excellence

Khun Chatri is an HMC colleague with an unmatched timeline perspective of our operations from the early days of our initial Spheripol plant startup to now as we construct the latest technology Spherizone PP Plant IV. He joined HMC in 1989 with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Silpakorn University following experience with several other well known petroleum and chemical companies.

Khun Chatri was a key player in solving many of the startup problems for the first HMC plant and with his detailed knowledge of our plants and operations has, over the years, developed many of the systems we now rely on to ensure a clean, trouble-free manufacturing process across the HMC plants and technologies located at Map ta Phut.

He managed the implementation and completion of the Silo Farm project with a budget below 200 MB completely free of any safety incidents. With his extensive and broad-based experience at HMC across department positions ranging from Maintenance, Reliability, Projects and HSEQ, Khun Chatri is an excellent fit for his new role as Vice President, Operational Excellence.

To develop, enhance and activate the necessary operational systems to boost HMC effectiveness at all levels and make our business model safer and stronger.

Mr. Preecha Posew
Vice President, Operations

Graduating in 1993 with a Degree in Chemical Engineering and later with a Master's Degree in Business Economics, Khun Preecha started his career as a process engineer focused on catalyst R&D, pilot plant projects and other special assignments outside process engineering jobs before joining HMC as a Senior Engineer for the Operations Department in 2007. He later became our PDH Production Department Manager in 2011 and provided major input into the design, commissioning and start up phase of the HMC PDH plant. In 2013 he was appointed as the Engineering and Maintenance Manager responsible for the 3 HMC PP plants and the PDH plant.

Khun Preecha is expert in our plant facilities and operations from top to bottom and a vital leader in digital transformation for our staff at Map ta Phut. Last year he became the Operations Department Manager for all 4 PP plants (including the new Spherizone PP Plant IV) and the PDH plant, and is now HMC Vice President, Operations.

Enhance plant performance via Operational Excellence in relation to safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

Ms. Kessaraporn Trongtorsak
Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Innovation

Khun Kessaraporn has over 25 years experience in the plastic and petrochemical Industry starting as Production and Industrial Planner for Thai Modern Plastic Co. She graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry from King Mongkut University of Technology and joined HMC in April 1997. In 2001 she further expanded her qualifications by graduating with a Master's of Petrochemical and Polymer Sciences from Chulalongkorn University.

At HMC, Khun Kessaraporn has held a wide range of positions across the organization which give her a broad and practical perspective for her new position as Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Innovation. Her experience includes 5 years in the Technology Department, 7 years in domestic Sales focused on Catalloy PP grades and 12 years as PP Solutions Sales Department Manager (Specialty and Differentiated products) covering HMC’s International and domestic markets.

With an understanding of markets, products and applications from a technical and commercial standpoint, Khun Kessaraporn is well positioned to ensure that HMC's innovation pipeline and new speciality product grades from the forthcoming PP Plant IV address the future product needs of HMC customers to give them an edge in their fast moving markets.

Adopt 4 Core Behaviors: Customer Focus; One Team (Teamwork); Strive for Excellence; Utilization of HMC process technology and innovation to accelerate the transition to new value-differentiated grades for customers, providing sustainable growth to HMC.