HMC Industrial Hygiene Certified by FTI


The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is cooperating with the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Industry in Thailand to assist manufacturers assess their processing standards with "self-declaration" as a method to allay the public fear of Covid-19 contamination in products that have contact with food.

The FTI and the Public Health Ministry have agreed to encourage manufacturers to comply with a hygienic checklist to determine and announce whether their production meets safety standards, which includes appropriate hygiene among workers and strict measures against COVID-19.

Factories passing the health assessment are then certified by FTI and IPHA providing those companies with an Industry and Production Hygiene Administration Certificate, also referred to as an "IPHA trademark."

HMC Polymers has met the stringent health standards as required and certified by IPHA as in compliance for COVID-19 prevention measures. Following the self declaration requirements as prescribed by FTI, HMC gathered all relevant information required from departments including HSE, Processing, Logistics and Administration to complete the assessment.

For HMC, nothing is more important than the safety of customers, employees, stakeholders and contractors. We appreciate the initiative taken by the Federation of Thai Industries to set a safety benchmark that helps to reassure and inform customers and the general public of health standards met by manufacturers in the struggle against COVID-19.

HMC Industry and Production Hygiene Administration Certificate