HMC Polymers manufactures over 810 kt of PP grades per year for a broad range of product applications and manufacturing processes. Our production comprises two Spheripol lines and the latest Spherizone technology taking the PP capability profile to exciting new levels of clarity, stiffness, impact and processability.

Choose from the following applications


Furniture | Housewares | Stationery


Demanding product applications used in daily life in which durability and aesthetics are essential properties such as furniture, kitchenware, housewares, cutlery and stationery. HMC PP grades deliver enhancements at every stage of the production and end-user chain, including: superior cost/performance ratio, good finish and colour, and excellent clarity.


Blown Film | BOPP | CPP | IPP


PP grades for Blown Film, BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PP), CPP (Cast PP) and IPP (Water Quenched Blown Film) enabling converters to produce film with good moisture and oxygen barrier, puncture resistance, stiffness, sealing performance and transparency – as cost-effectively as possible.


Appliances | Automotive | Compounding


Used by customers for a variety of industrial applications including: domestic appliances, automotive components and products using compounded PP, as well as chemical apparatus engineering.


Diagnostics | Infusion Bags | IV and Irrigation Bottles


Purell PP grades for the medical market are made under specific manufacturing procedures and offer consistency of formulation, continuity of supply, and are certified according to regulatory standards such as US Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia and Drug Master File listing supporting the use of the resins in medical and pharmaceutical applications.  Purell full page ad


Drainage | Sanitary | Sewage

Used by customers for the production of pressure and non-pressure pipe applications including sanitary, sewage and drainage piping systems. Outstanding performance capabilities include high resistance to temperature and pressure variations, durability, light weight, chemical and corrosion resistance, low noise transmission, flexibility and dimensional stability.

Rigid Packaging

Caps and Closures | Crates and Pails | EBM and ISBM | Thermoforming | TWIM


A comprehensive portfolio of food contact approved PP resins for rigid packaging applications providing a cost efficient production. HMC also offers grades with exciting new levels of clarity and grades with an outstanding balance of properties required for caps, closures, pails or blow moulded bottles.

Textiles & Fibres

Raffia | Raffia Coating | Spunbond | Textiles


PP grades delivering fibre performance for today’s high-tech fabrics. Including resins for applications such as sorbents, insulation, industrial filtration, hygienes and medical. Our resins for spunbond provide superior spinnability, fine fibres at maximum throughput, high strength and fabric uniformity.